Spectator Twins



Dimension H68 x W33 cm x L105
Weight 40 kg
Material Foam, Resin, Sand
Delivery 6-8 weeks


Spectator Twins

The amorphly shaped shelf is not only offering storage or presentation space, but stimulates the mechanism of projection and alludes to different faces that can only be recognized at second glance. When a sensory stimulus is offered to our perception, the spirit accepts this piece and completes what is missing.  By recognizing the faces in the object, the role between subject and object is reversed and the shelf is moved into the position of the observer.

Spectator Twins is part of the Spectator Shelf family . It consists of two elements that are interlocking with each other and can be used as a small cabinet or sideboard. Like the rest of the Spectator family, it is characterized by its amorphous curved shapes and alludes to different faces that can be recognized at second glance. Each piece is hand painted with resin which gives each shelf a unique and vibrant finish.

Designed by Freia Achenbach

Year: 2021

Limited Edition of 25 pieces

Image Credit:

Images by Freia Achenbach

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